Envision Your Future Without Diabetes

Diabetes Prevention Program
Each participant is paired with a personal health coach and online peer group for help and support.
Lifestyle Coach

Each participant is assigned a personal health coach for 12 months. Our health coaches are trained Lifestyle Coaches.

Engaging Curriculum

Participants will be guided through interactive and engaging online video lessons. Using simple concepts we help our participants create lasting change.

Access Anytime/Anywhere

Participants may access the program through their smart phone or computer.

Easy Tracking

Participants can easily track their exercise patterns or integrate their tracking devices into their account.

Exercise Tracking

Participants can easily track their exercise patterns.

Meal Tracking

Participants can photo-journal their meals and hydration for health coach feedback, recommendations, and consultation.


Participants can message their health coach throughout the 12-month program for unlimited private feedback and consultation.


Participants are grouped into communities to give and receive support and encouragement.


“I would recommend CAPPA Health for anyone who is trying to make a REAL difference in their lifestyle.  CAPPA and their team of excellent coaches promote making small changes every week that add up to big and meaningful changes over time!  My coach always gently nudged me in the right direction; I never felt "judged" when I made less than perfect choices. Her positive comments every day helped to keep me focused and on track!  I have lost weight before, but this time I have sustained my weight loss for almost a year and counting. My hemoglobin A1C test for diabetes/prediabetes went from 6.2% to 5.5%, and my cholesterol profile is back in the normal range.  Thank you CAPPA!”

- Cydnee L, September 2017

“I've lost more than 20% of my original body weight, cut my insulin use by more than HALF, I eat more fruits & veggies than ever in my life AND I actually HATE it when I can't get my activity minutes in on any given day. My A1C has been normal (7 or below) for the last 3 check-ups. I hadn't had anything below a 9 for the prior 3 years. Thank You Cappa.”

- Karrie F, March 2019

Any Device. Anywhere.

Adding online delivery to your program increases your reach by 300%+

We are dedicated to providing an engaging and successful program to help reduce the risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases.